The Sew Kewl Sewing School's mission is to "teach the craft of sewing and the art of giving". It is designed to teach students the basics of sewing by completing projects. Some of these projects will be for the students to keep, some will be worked on collectively to donate to others both locally and internationally.

Sewing is a great skill but also a very cool art. We know that you're going to love the Sew Kewl Sewing School! (

The Freedom Community Centre is so excited to offer Introduction to Sewing this winter.

Introduction to Sewing will be held in The Freedom Community Centre. Parents bringing their children are welcome to wait in our lounge upstairs - coffee and comfy seating available!

Introduction to Sewing

Description: A course designed for participants who have limited or no previous experience sewing.  The format of the course is teacher-directed instruction with participant practice and guided feedback.  Skills learned will include sewing machine use, straight stitch, backstitch, top stitch, corners, curves, clipping, zig-zag and decorative stitches, attaching a pocket and seam ripping. Projects created will include a pony tail holder, belt, throw pillow, baby bib and shoulder bag.


Registration is now closed. 

Please check for Fall 2018 Registration information