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The four core courses of Life Transformation are designed to enable a new believer to get rooted in the foundations of their faith, to live in the Holy Spirit, to serve in Christ’s kingdom and to lead others to do the same. Each course has eight lessons and a leader’s guide with discussion questions ideal for one on one and small group formats.


First Steps for new believers is available in quality print form. Life in the Spirit, Learning to Serve and Learning to Lead are available online. Other training courses and Bible studies are being developed and will be added to the lineup soon.

We offer these resources to you as part of Freedom Church’s kingdom investment. Contact us for further information and instructions on how to get started. We hope that these ministry tools will encourage you and will help you to train others how to live a fully transformed life for Jesus every day.

Life Transformation Courses



New believers will be introduced to the fundamentals of Christian living based on key Bible references.  Also a great refresher for long-time Christians as well as an easy to use discipleship tool.

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This study takes a close look at the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian.  New and older Christians will be encouraged by God's provision to live life to the full.

Available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI. Click to download.


This course explores the life of the Christian in ministry.  The concepts of servanthood and stewardship are investigated, along with the ministry gifts and potential. 

Available in PDF, EPUB, iBOOKS and MOBI. Click to download. 


Here we build on the previous courses to cultivate Christian leadership.  The dynamics of maturity, calling and influence are considered within the context of team building for effective ministry. 

Available in PDF, EBUB/iBOOKS and MOBI. Click to download.



On an on-going basis we are also adding to our blog, Transformation Insights. There are devotionals, resources and other training materials available for you to grow in Christ.

Discipleship 25
the 25

Becoming a fully-devoted follower of Christ is a part of our mission at Freedom Church. Why? Because fully-devoted followers are more than just people who say they believe - they are disciples who experience daily life transformation and are able to impact the world around them for Christ.

Discipleship 25 is the framework we use to take people down the road of becoming disciples. "the 25" is a term we use for those who are ready to disciple others. It is our hope that God will bring us at least 25 people who will take up the challenge to become one of "the 25".


A disciple is someone who intentionally studies and learns from a teacher with the goal of being able to teach others. So, Discipleship 25 has two streams:

  1. "the 25" is for those who are mature in their faith and want to make themselves available to disciple others.
  2. Participants are those who want to be discipled and grow in their faith by being partnered with one of "the 25".

Jesus told us to count the cost of discipleship. (Luke 14:25-33) Discipleship 25 is strategic and intentional, it will cost time, effort and change but it will also put participants and "the 25" in the place of being transformed!


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