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Here at Freedom we believe that learning to follow Christ is a step-by-step, day-by-day journey that leads our lives being transformed by Christ. It’s intentional. It’s personal. It’s done in community with other believers. It’s amazing.

So… what’s next?

On this page you’re going to find all kinds of resources that will help you answer the question, “What’s next?” Are you trying to discover who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him? Are you new to your belief in Christ and wonder how to get started in building a relationship with Him? Are you looking to challenge your faith and grow deeper in your discipleship?

This is your home for finding what’s next.

Life Transformation Courses

This is a great place to start: the four courses in our Life Transformation series. Find them here.

  • First Steps

  • Life in the Spirit

  • Learning to Serve

  • Learning to Lead

NEXT Training

Here is our library of resources that is always growing. Find studies and training that will keep challenging your faith. Take your next step here.

NEXT Podcast
NEXT Courses
NEXT Resources

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Connect & Train In Person

We recommend that you don’t journey alone. We need to learn from each other. We need to challenge each other. We need to be real with each other.

These are opportunities to do what’s next in community with others.

Connecting Point (for adults)
Encounters (for women)
Frontline (for men)
Re:Define (for youth)

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On an on-going basis we are also adding to our blog, Transformation Insights. There are devotionals, resources and other training materials available for you to grow in Christ.

4 Courses, 1st Steps

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The four core courses of the Life Transformation series are designed to enable a new believer to get rooted in the foundations of their faith, to live in the Holy Spirit, to serve in Christ’s kingdom and to lead others to do the same. Each course has eight lessons and a leader’s guide with discussion questions ideal for one on one and small group formats.

First Steps for new believers is available in quality print form. Life in the Spirit, Learning to Serve and Learning to Lead are available online. Other training courses and Bible studies are available on our NEXT Training page.

These resources are free for you to use and we hope that they will encourage you and will help you to train others how to live a fully transformed life for Jesus every day.

Click on the image of any book to add it to your cart.

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New believers will be introduced to the fundamentals of Christian living based on key Bible references.  Also a great refresher for long-time Christians as well as an easy to use discipleship tool.

This resource is in hardcopy only. Request yours by clicking here.


This study takes a close look at the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian.  New and older Christians will be encouraged by God's provision to live life to the full.

Take this course in a Connecting Point group from September 11 - November 27, 2019. Learn more here.

Available in PDF, EPUB, MOBI and iBOOKS EPUB. Click the image to add to your cart and download.


This course explores the life of the Christian in ministry.  The concepts of servanthood and stewardship are investigated, along with the ministry gifts and potential. 

Available in PDF, EPUB, MOBI and iBOOKS EPUB. Click the image to add to your cart and download.


Here we build on the previous courses to cultivate Christian leadership.  The dynamics of maturity, calling and influence are considered within the context of team building for effective ministry. 

Available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI. Click the image to add to your cart and download.

Go Deeper. Every Day.

Download a course, grab a resource or follow along online.

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Our vision is to impact the world for Christ with how He’s is transforming us every day. On this podcast we’re taking next steps and learning how to be a followers of Jesus.
We’re glad you’re here. This is what’s next.


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Do You Know God?
by Del Wells

This article helps you answer this vitally important question. It covers these key sections:

  • Signs you don’t know God very well

  • How to get to know God more

  • Practices that will help you know God better

  • Signs you do know God well

For more on this topic, listen to Pastor Del’s message “What’s Next? Know God.”

Do you know God? is the most important question you will ever have to answer. Your future life will be determined by whether or not you know God. Jesus is very clear on this point. “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” (John 17:3).
— Del Wells, Do You Know God