Respect Yourself

Integrity is the foundation on which you can build respect for yourself. It is also the quality that you find in others that gives you increased confidence to trust them. When your word is your bond, you greatly influence others to believe in you and follow your example because your dealings with them will be predictably positive. As a bonus, you will experience personal satisfaction as you consistently show yourself to be honest and true.

The world is desperate for men and women of integrity, people with bottom-line values that can’t be bought - politicians to lead us, news people to inform us, bankers to advise us, justices to judge us, friends to sharpen us – all with uncompromising commitment to honesty and incorruptibility. But life isn’t always like that, is it? In their book, The Day America Told the Truth, authors Jim Patterson and Peter Kim uncovered survey results from interviews with ordinary people that underscore the integrity crisis. They found that 74% would steal from those who wouldn’t really miss it, 64% would lie when it suited them as long as it didn’t cause any real damage and 50% would do absolutely nothing about one full day in every five at work because it is accepted operating procedure. And then, if the price was right, integrity could be bought. For ten million dollars, 25% would abandon their entire family, 23% would become prostitutes, and 10% would withhold testimony and free a murderer. Not very encouraging.

A big reason for this unfortunate situation is the great number of worldviews that are not founded in absolute truth. Fewer people are basing their convictions on the truth of God’s Word and more are relying on the opinions of man to formulate what they believe. People in positions of influence and power are making their decisions based on opinion polls. Our world is floundering morally as it looks for leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say.

What an advantage it is for the follower of God to learn and live in truth as revealed in the Bible. The one who lives by God’s principles will be respected by others who may even disagree and express opposition. The upside of being a person of integrity is that over time you will be known as someone people can count on.

Committing yourself to being a person of integrity won’t be easy but it will build your self respect as you confidently engage the opportunities of your life. Over time, you will make a positive impression for truth wherever you go in a world that needs it.