Just Breathe

I want to add a few more thoughts about our Christmas theme, Just Breathe.

If you’ve been at church for a Sunday service in December you know that we have been talking a lot about finding peace in the midst of chaos. Is there a better time of the year to be reminded about this possibility? The words Christmas and peace don’t seem to go together very well when you consider all of the extra activities and expectations added on to already maxed out schedules. By the time all of the festivities are over at the end of the month, exhaustion is the word that comes to mind, not peace.

That’s why we chose “Just Breathe” as our focus this year. We know that a lot of people are out of breath, and not just physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. You can tell if that’s your present condition if you feel like you’re running on a daily treadmill of responsibilities and routines and not only aren’t getting any further ahead but falling behind. On top of that you’d like to get out of the trap you’re in but you can’t see any way out. You are stressed out to the point of panic and you don’t know where to turn.

The Christmas message is for you, as strange as that may sound at this moment. I’m not referring to the festivities that we have grown accustomed to and feel obligated to participate in that often add to our predicament. I have in mind a simplified approach to this season that centres on the actual reason for all the fuss. Christmas is actually a good news story for you, your family and every person alive today. It is a message full of hope and joy and favour for all who will listen to it and accept it.

What is the message? A Saviour has been born for you, someone who is able to rescue you from your predicament and give you a completely new lease on life. That Saviour is Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came to earth two thousand years ago for you and everyone else who would believe in him. If you put your faith in Jesus, you give yourself the opportunity to breathe again. You will undergo a transformation of renewal in your thinking and emotions. You will experience peace deep within regardless of the circumstances you find yourself going through.

I see Christmas as a regular reminder to keep things simple, to focus on what this annual celebration is supposed to be about. Jesus Christ came to earth to save people from the consequences of sin. He gave his life so that you could truly live. I hope that you believe that and have prayed and asked Jesus to be your Saviour. If you have, take a moment to thank him for rescuing you and giving you peace and hope. If you haven’t, take a deep breath and give it some serious thought. I hope that you like me will find the real joy of Christmas by putting your faith in Jesus.

Merry Christmas!