Parenting At Its Best: A Panel Discussion

On Sunday, we had an excellent panel discussion to further P. Del's teaching from the week before on "Parenting At Its Best". First of all, another huge thank you to the whole panel - Julie & Brad, Lindsey, Katie & Andrew, P. Del & Arlene - we appreciate you so much.

As per usual, we ran out of time before we ran out of questions so I asked the panel members to send me a closing thought that I could blog since we don't have audio from the service. Here's what they had to say:

"Get to know who your child is - their personlaity, how they respond in different situations. If you understand them, you will communicate with them better, you will disciplene them with more meaning, and you will be able to pray for them in a more specific way. Above all, always be sure your children know you love them - love truly does cover a multitude of sins." (Arlene Wells)

"I love being a Mommy. It's rewarding and exhausting all at the same time. I feel like my purpose right now is to love on them and encourage them to be everything God created them to be. Setting an example with my life and being a role model for them to look up to is so important to me." (Katie Winger)

"With regards to discipline, consistency is so important but it also important that discipline be done in a way that keeps the dignity of both discipliner and disciplinee in tact. Name calling and degrading is not discipline. And discipline should be practiced on the positive or directive flip side of the coin just as much as it should correct negative behaviour. For example: "The way you said that really sounded rude. If that wasn't the intention, and it shouldn't be, you could have said it this way..." My 97-year-old grandma always told me when the girlies were little that her generation didn't do such a great job of positive disciplining but they really didn't have any other model to go by. Apparently we have no excuses. We have all the necessary resources at our fingertips to do the job well." (Julie Schroth)

During the service I mentioned an article that Julie had written called "Love, Sexuality and the Family". Here's a link to read it for yourself.

Also, we were barely able to scratch the surface of the available resources for parents. One of our church members emailed me a great starter list after the service to get you started. Ruth is also happy to provide a more extensive list if you exhaust this list and are looking for more.

Dr. Tim Kimmel
  • Grace Based Parenting
  • Raising Kids Who Turn Our Right
  • Extreme Grandparenting
Robert Lewis
  • Raising a Modern Day Knight
Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna
  • Raising a Modern Day Princess
Stormie Omartian
  • Power of a Praying Parent
  • also, Power of Praying Husband, Wife, Kids, etc.
Gary Chapman
  • The Five Love Languages (meant for couple but chapters in the end about children)

This is a group of sermons by Robert Morris from Gateway Church in Texas.
Some deal directly with parenting/discipline/training children and discussing what is a Godly home and how to maintain it. He has years of sermons on line which also deal with many many other aspects of Christian life, all biblical and referenced.

Hope this is helpful and informative!