Breakthrough Prayer Devotional (May 1)

As I promised last Sunday, this is the first devotional that I will send you each week. I will remind you of what we focused on the past Sunday and what I'd like you to prepare for the coming Sunday. Everyone on our Freedom family contact list will receive this and I pray that you will find it beneficial to your spiritual growth.

Breakthrough prayer is available to you. Jesus tells his followers that we will do even greater things than he did by asking him for anything in his name (John 14:12-14). Let Christ's promise sink deep into your mind and heart as you read and meditate on these words every day.

I gave you a handout on Sunday with four questions for you to answer. I hope you have taken the time to go to God with this and have had a good, honest conversation with him about them. Tell him everything that comes to mind about your present prayer life and how you would like it to change. Also let him know the things that you are going to ask him to break through in your life and in other situations.

A number of you joined with us at Deep Roots on Sunday night as a follow through on our pursuit of participating in the greater things that Christ is ready and willing to do. One person sensed the Holy Spirit telling us that the things that God is going to do are much more than what we can even imagine at this point regardless of how big our list is. What an encouragement. In other words, we haven't seen anything yet!

In preparation for this Sunday, keep communicating with the Lord about the greater things. If you do that every day you will see your faith growing stronger in him. I am going to be talking this weekend about the potential of healing and forgiveness through prayer. Read James 5:13-16 and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what's involved in these miraculous breakthroughs. In particular, what part does confessing sins to each other and praying for each other have in developing righteous prayer that is powerful and effective?

I'm looking forward to meeting with you Sunday morning for worship and the word. Let's come expecting the Holy Spirit to once again do a special work in us.



Pastor Del