Prayer of Preparation (Andrew Murray)

While reading through some of the works and writings of Andrew Murray, a great teacher on prayer, I came across a beautiful prayer of preparation for Communion. It certainly speaks to preparing our hearts to come around the Lord's Table, but it also echoes so much of what P. Del has been teaching us in the Breakthrough Prayer series that I wanted to share it with you.

I have been praying this prayer today and invite you to join me.

Tracy Dunham

Lord God, I thank you that you have led me throughout this week of preparation and that I may now eat with you and your Son on the Lord's Day at the table of your covenant. I thank you for every opportunity for meditation and prayer so that I may not appear carelessly in the sanctuary. In this quiet evening hour, I come once more to ask you for the filling of your Holy Spirit. 

You have taught us that without Him there can be no true prayer, no real fellowship. You have given to every one of your children the Holy Spirit, by whom we may have access in Christ to the Father. I ask you that the Spirit might now work in me so as to impart to me the disposition I need to draw near to you together with all your chosen ones. I know that I have sometimes been unfaithful to you. Father, forgive me, and do not take your Holy Spirit from me.

Work in me true penitence so that I may remember my sin with a contrite heart. I desire to remember, confess, and cast away every sin that would cling to me. Let us all here think of our own particular sins and confess them before God in preparation for communion with Him.

I would renounce all confidence in myself and my own good deeds. I want a humble, tender spirit toward you and confidence in your work of grace alone. Then shall my observance of the Supper be truly a fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Grant this for the sake of your Son. Amen.

(Andrew Murray, The Lord's Table)