Freedom Devotional (October 8)

Walking through the stores just after the kids went back to school, I noticed that Halloween decorationswere already for sale. Now, you will find that stores are beginning to make a push for Christmas. Every year I find myself wondering, "What happened to Thanksgiving?". 

There is a race through the seasons with very little thought or attention to giving thanks. I have been guilty of doing the same thing in my spiritual life. Racing from one project to the next without celebrating the successes or thanking God for His favour throughout. Why is that? Are we just too busy? Do we chose not to reflect? 

Nehemiah saw God's plan come to completion, against all odds. This was not lost on him or his people. He understood that none of the success was his to claim. God was in it all. So, they celebrated in a most unorthodox way.

Try to find the time to read further in Nehemiah - chapters 8 and 9. There you will find a celebration that does not only celebrate a success, but celebrates God's majesty.

Thanksgiving is upon us. Let's celebrate God's awesome favour on our lives.