Freedom Devotional (April 16)

A big part of truly experiencing God is easy to overlook. There’s something at the core of knowing God that is indispensable. It is one of the cornerstones for any relationship to be rock solid and thrive. It is something that a lot of people today say they have trouble doing for any number of reasons. What is it? Trust – the willingness to believe in someone and give them every reason to believe in you.

I’ve heard people say that they find it hard to trust God. Is he real, reliable, capable, and truthful among other things? The answer is that he is all of those things and more. Our recent Easter series ‘I Believe’ was about why it makes sense to put your faith in God and why it matters for your life presently and the one to come.

This Sunday I want to turn the conversation around and ask a question that is even more important than you trusting God. Can God trust you? What have you shown to God that proves that you are being a good steward with everything he has entrusted to you? Can you say that you are being faithful to make your life count for Christ with your time, talents and resources? Who are you showing the other people in your life matters the most to you? I’m convinced that this is a major way that we give Christian witness to our world every day. We live like our God is totally trustworthy.

There are a couple of Scriptures that I want you to read and think about this week. The first one says “Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.” (1 Corinthians 4:2) The other is Matthew 25:14-30, the parable of the talents. I’d like you to see the link between trust and faithfulness in these verses and why they are vital for enjoying true success in all relationships.

Try to answer these questions:

  • How are faithfulness and trust dependent on each other?
  • How solid can any relationship be with either or both of these qualities missing?
  • What about when they are present?
  • How do these dynamic traits enhance our ability to experience God more deeply?
  • How does our faithfulness to God develop our trust in him?
  • What is it that motivates someone to trust and be faithful to another to that degree?

As usual, we will follow through with interaction and discussion at our CP1 groups on Wednesday evening. I really hope that you clearly see the benefits of being able to say to God, ‘Yes, you can trust me’. It will do wonders for your faith and focus for your life.

See you Sunday.

Pastor Del