Freedom Devotional (May 7)

Mother's Day is treated with a certain reverence, isn't it? Most people take seriously the task of honouring and thanking their moms this weekend. We plan special dinners, gifts or Skype calls. We try to make sure that, above all, the moms in our lives don't have to cook or clean. It's great that we circle this date in our calendars every year and give it such meaning.

And I as prepare to lead a discussion with some great moms on Sunday morning, I'm thinking about the great paradoxes of motherhood. We find so much joy in our children and love to serve and help them and...  we get overwhelmed. We are energized to do the absolute best for our kids and... we're so tired. (#truth)

So in these paradoxes of every day life, how to we make sure we don't miss the most important things? How do we teach our kids to experience God, to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him? How do we model Christ-likeness while wiping noses, breaking up fights, folding laundry and reading bedtime stories?

I've invited Julie Schroth and Arlene Wells (#bestmomever) to have a conversation with me on Sunday and together we're going to share insights from scripture and experience that will answer the biggest question our Freedom moms have been asking - "How do I know if I'm doing it right?"

Looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with you,

P. Tracy