Freedom Devotional (July 8)

I listen to the Bible on MP3 sometimes when I'm working. Lame, right? I find that I don't read quite as fast as I would like and I have always wondered if I am missing something because of that. I was right.

When I listen to Jesus' words I find that He always says something important. Something full of meaning, even when He is just having a conversation. This is very counter cultural in a society that embellishes and exaggerates, maybe, it's just counter-Bjorn?

Jesus doesn't waste words and is very deliberate with what He says. In fact, Jesus uses 3 little words that are often understated when compared to the profound impact.


What is finished? His ordeal? His life on earth? His task? Certainly, but what a deep effect.

The victory that Jesus won, that we get to share in, grants us extraordinary grace. Grace that even His closest followers had not yet experienced.

In preparation for this Sunday's service, I'd like you to write yourself a quick note. Take a minute and list the things that you have freedom from because Jesus finished His mission. Begin to give Him thanks and praise for each. It might just take you till Sunday to finish.

See you on Sunday,