Do You Hear... Obedience in Any Circumstance?

Obedience is a word that makes many of us cringe. It sounds so restrictive. However, the Christmas story shows us the incredible peace and reward of obeying God. God is for us. He wants us to live in freedom. In order to experience this freedom and peace, we need to obey God's Word, his teaching, his leading in our lives. God's words to us are ALWAYS for our best and so to obey them actually brings freedom and not bondage. Incredible!

We're going to look at some of the steps of obedience that Joseph had to take. This was no easy task; he was called to a very difficult role. We're also going to hear from another one of our church families who have had to obey God through some very trying circumstances. You will be inspired by their story.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and exploring together how our obedience to God can be so powerful in our lives.

See you there,