There's a Reason - "Stone to Flesh" (Freedom Devotional Mar. 17)

We are so blessed in so many ways. As Easter approaches, people tend to focus more and more on the sacrifice of Christ and what that means to us. And even though we know that Jesus finished "everything", it's a great practical idea to meditate on some specifics.

We have already heard that through the cross our identity has changed. We now belong to God and through Jesus, we are Overcomers! This Sunday, I would like to continue to reflect on the great exchange that has taken place. We have received a new heart. Maybe not a transplant, but a transformation.
Read Ezekiel 11:19 - This will be our feature verse as we discover what a new heart means for us. In preparation, spend some time considering what having a new heart looks like -

on the outside I mean. How the outside of us looks should and does make a difference when we take on the heart of God. The things that move the heart of God will undoubtedly move ours too...shouldn't they?

Take a look at this video. It is an excerpt from a talk given by Eric Ludy. In it he gives us a clearer understanding of how God's heart breaks over the present state of our world and what our response should be.

This Sunday, let's discover how God's gift to us has the power to change the world.
See you then,