Hidden Treasures - Zephaniah (Freedom Devotional Aug. 25)

"If only I had listened, this wouldn't have happened to me." Have you ever said that? Have you ever felt the weight of making a bad decision? We all have to some degree or other.

Like so many of the prophets of the Old Testament, Zephaniah is trying to warn the people of the destruction that will come to them if they don't listen, if they don't obey, if they don't stop destroying themselves through wrong behaviour.

One of the reasons I love kid's ministry is that it gives me the opportunity to help kids see the blessings of knowing God, living for God and making godly choices for their lives. If I can help children see these truths early, they will be much more equipped to avoid the "If only I had..." or "What if I had..."
The blessings of obedience are many. Our kids can learn these truths early and understand the truth of the key verse I will be using on Sunday - Zephaniah 3:17. Read it and try to fathom how amazing God's love is and how much He is for us!

See you on Sunday,