Pentecostal - Equality in Ministry

One of the things that you notice when you look at Jesus’ disciples is how ordinary they were. People from all walks of life who had one thing in common – they all chose to follow Jesus and help him advance his message and ministry. The twelve closest to him as well as the hundreds who supported him were regular people who bought into Christ’s lordship and willingly served his cause.

It’s still that way today. The church has no superstars other than Jesus. The Lord seems to delight in working through people that the world considers of little value in order to get his message out and transform communities and nations through kingdom service. That includes people of all ages and both genders. Everyone has a part to play.

The Bible teaches that everyone is equal in Christ (Galatians 3:26-29). That means that no Christ follower has more value that another. We have the same status as part of God’s eternal family. This is so different from the way the world works where inequality exists in all spheres of life. That’s one reason why the Gospel is so appealing to those who feel downtrodden and worthless. It really is good news.

Pentecost expanded the dynamic of equality in Christ as it relates to ministry. The same Holy Spirit resides in every true believer in Christ and possesses the same potential for all who experience Holy Spirit fullness. God promised that men, women, sons and daughters will receive prophetic enabling through the gift of Spirit baptism (Acts 2:14-21). That is a game changer because it expands the reach of the kingdom message and ministry through all age groups and social networks.

We are living in the last days before Jesus returns. The Bible predicts that these will be terrible times when people are anti-God and out of control (2 Timothy 3:1-5). At the same time, the Holy Spirit will be poured out in abundance on all who seek and ask for his empowerment. In that regard, these will be the most spectacular days of supernatural intervention and demonstration through Christ followers ever known. Around the globe, the church will grow by the Holy Spirit’s enabling.

I will talk more about this with you on Sunday. Come prepared to hear what God has available for you to experience as you surrender yourself to the fullness and work of the Holy Spirit in you.


Pastor Del