Leading Yourself

Leading Series Graphic

Change is a part of life. In fact, our world seems to be changing faster than it ever has before. It doesn't seem that long ago that I used the internet for the first time in my high school library. Now, my kids don't understand what it means that WiFi didn't used to exist. And on it goes, things are exponentially moving and morphing all around us.

In some ways, that's good. When we acclimatize to change it's more normalized and less scary in our lives. We do less resisting and more accepting when things can not or should not remain how they are. It also allows us to be very aware of the need for change on the inside, in the thoughts, attitudes and behaviour patterns that govern our lives.

Our culture tries to teach us how to make and maintain a lasting change in our lives (read: resolution). But the Bible gives us practical insight into change that, if we let it, will move us beyond hoping for the best and into a Spirit-transformed life. That's why we wanted to start this year focusing on leadership - making choices that will lead Christ-centred change in your life, inspire those around you to do the same and to do it with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. There's no surprise here - God's way always leads to lasting life and freedom.

You may not think of yourself as a leader but you are! You lead your own life every day. On Sunday we're going to start to explore what Paul taught Timothy about leading his life. I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Pastor Tracy