Leading Together


There is a great debate raging at my house. You see, there are a few board game lovers in the Dunham family but they land in two camps. Some love to strategize and win on their own. Some (the righteous ones) like games that are played collaboratively and are won or lost as a team. Any guess which camp I'm in? OK, in truth, winning Monopoly or Dutch Blitz on my own is truly fun.

When we look at our lives, there is a big difference between the things that we do alone and the things that we do together and each one affects the other. Sometimes being alone is so much more preferable to being together. I still cringe when I think about "group projects" in my school days. But what about in our spiritual lives? Our individual decisions for Christ are just that, individual. No one can choose Christ for you, no one can surrender to the leading of the Spirit for you, and no one can practice spiritual disciplines for you. But - and I'm sure my title tipped you off - the Bible teaches us that there is power in joining our individual decisions for Christ in the context of church community. Together.

We're going to head back to the Pastoral Letters on Sunday to read some parts of these scriptures that we most often just skim past. You've probably heard of Paul, Timothy and Titus, perhaps even Priscilla, Aquila or Apollos, but what about Onesiphorus, Erastus, Artemas, or Zenas? Let's look at the power of being salt and light for Christ together.

See you on Sunday,
P. Tracy