Zoning Application... and why it matters!

Dear Freedom Church Family and Neighbours,

In mid-August, we submitted a zoning application to the City of Kitchener. Sound boring? Well, yeah, the paperwork wasn't all that fun to do! But it represents a significant way that we are setting Freedom Church up for the future. 

Essentially we're just changing our Agricultural (A-1) zoning to Institutional (I-1), which makes total sense. But there are a few other things that we've taken the opportunity to do while we were at it, most significantly, adding a Residential (R-6) zone to the south of the property... and a little triangle to the east.

It's kind of a lot of information so we've put together the story of how we got here and what it means for the future in a nifty little package. (Click on the "Learn More" button on the right.) Take a few minutes and give it a read. I think you'll see why we're excited for what God's doing here at 1643 Bleams Road!

In Christ,

Tracy's Signature.jpeg

Tracy Dunham
Lead Pastor