A Recap (the summer of the testimony)

I have spent some time this past week looking back over the summer. I absolutely love the fall, back to school, new backpacks and the freshness of re-engaging in routine. But it's hard to finish the summer season without wondering if you used all the moments and 30 degree days to their utmost.

More than that, I've been looking back at our summer series and thinking about all of the incredible testimonies coming from the ancient stories of scripture. We only had time to tell eleven stories but each one was challenging. If you missed one, you can go back and get the audio here.

Solomon... Seeking God first, every day, in every situation.

Gideon (Part 1)... Unite God's people and operate in the power of God's presence. 

Elijah... Wanting God's presence more than anything else.

Ruth... Staying faithful when we face trials.

Priscilla... How are my actions and conversations teaching and encouraging?

Elisha... Modelling our faith for others to follow.

Esther... God's plan for each of us as princes and princesses.

Luke... Being fully engaged with the message of Jesus.

Gideon (Part 2)... Don't allow anything in your life to take God's place.

Jehoshaphat... Staying repentant, being a worshipper first, trusting God in the battle.

Jacob (coming this week)... No spoilers - see the description below!

While each story issued its own challenge, I can't help but ask a bigger question: What could be written about me? What's my testimony? What lessons could others learn from my life and my faith? As the season changes and we have a new beginning in front of us, let the Lord speak to you about these questions. Be encouraged and be catalyzed to new growth this fall.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Tracy

PS - Rob has been holding onto a song all summer long and is finally going to share it on Sunday morning. Want a sneak peak (listen)?



This Sunday...

This week Bjorn will close our Testify series with Jacob's story:

"On Sunday we take a closer look at the beginning of Israel...quite literally. If this is who God chose as His people, then (in my humble opinion) this is a rough and questionable start. But as the plot unfolds we can identify a familiar story - God takes a self-centred, self-seeking mess of a man and makes Him something he is not. All by the power of...His face." - Bjorn

Click HERE for this week's YouVersion service link.