"Do you recognize a blessing when it slaps you in the face?"

Do you recognize a blessing when it slaps you in the face? What about when it hits you round the head like a frying pan? Let me share a story with you...

I've been through some trying times as work and have requested prayer at times to help me through. In the past when I have been through difficult circumstances God has allowed things to carry on (against my wishes!) until I learn something about myself or I solve a problem with *me* or *my* behaviour even though it feels like the problem is elsewhere. At work I had a clear message that I was not to leave however bumpy the ride got.

I had a recent breakthrough with the way I handle the usual nonsense that happens at work and felt that having learned this lesson I was now free to start looking for a new job. In fact, an opportunity was laid on a plate for me by a colleague which helped me to believe that this was not just me pushing ahead. The job was a great match for my experience, two minutes away from my current location and with a global company. I had heard that their recruitment was slow but I got a quick response and had a telephone interview which was extremely positive. They said they would get back to me by the end of the week which was waaaaay faster than expected. I was pretty excited. Then... silence. Then more silence. I politely nudged them, reminded them of the good match and got a reply apologizing for the delay saying that they would try to move to next steps soon. There was more silence and finally an email saying they had decided not to move ahead with my application. Cue frying pan to head - ouch!

I wonder how many of you would see that as a blessing. Did that feel like a blessing to me? Nope, I felt puzzled and let down. But it *was* a blessing, and here's why: today I found out from the insider who connected me with the company that they are closing the office in Kitchener in May. If my application had gone ahead and been successful, today I would be facing a layoff. So I praise God that He didn't give me what I wanted!

If you are feeling disappointed that you are not getting something you need (or think you need) it may be a matter of perspective - remember you don't have the information that God has and you can't see the bigger picture that He sees. Trust Him and praise Him especially when things don't feel to be going your way.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

Submitted by Andy Slough, Posted with Permission