Weekly Devotional (December 11)

Change is difficult for most of us. We tend to like things predictable and without surprises so we get into a routine that’s familiar and comfortable. There’s actually nothing inherently wrong about living within a framework of structure and balance as individuals and families. It helps us to make plans for the day or the week or longer with reasonable assumptions about what we can add or subtract to our lives. So when something changes for us that we weren’t expecting it can really throw us off emotionally because of the extra time and effort required to make the adjustments for the new reality.

The fact is however, that change can actually be good for us because it causes us to evaluate our character and maturity and priorities. If we stayed the same way day in and out we would never grow spiritually and emotionally. Change requires us to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones into new experiences that develop potential in us that we may not have even been aware of.

Christmas is, among other things, about change because Jesus changes everything. The good news is one of transformation of old things into new. When Jesus is present and involved, nothing stays the same. He came into the world as a human being two thousand years ago to bring change to the way things were. The people who met Jesus were confronted with the need for major change in their lives. Making room for Jesus means looking at life a whole new way and rearranging our priorities and plans considering him first. That is a big deal for us to consider doing. However, the promise of peace and favour from God is available to anyone who chooses to put their hope and trust in him and obey his teachings, and that involves a willingness to change.

Simply put, Jesus changes everything, not just for the sake of change but to facilitate the best way of living. Life takes on new meaning and purpose when we allow Christ to transform us daily to become more like him. Sure, not everyone will be willing to be changed by Jesus and will remain stuck in a life that’s without eternal hope and perspective. But for those who do say yes to Jesus and receive his offer of salvation and forgiveness for sin, they will experience the blessings of abundant living which includes the ability to accept and adapt successfully to whatever may come their way.

I look forward to talking further with you about this on Sunday as we continue our celebration of this Advent season. Be sure to prepare for this by thinking about the positive and powerful changes that Jesus has brought into your life and family and the potential for real transformation he can bring to our everyday world.


Pastor Del