Weekly Devotional (December 4)

When you think about Christmas, what comes to mind? If you’re like me, my first thoughts are often about all of the extra events that I will have to attend, the presents I need to buy for the people on my list, the long lineups at stores and the daily temptations to eat festive treats nonstop, to name a few. Feeling busy and stressed out by all of the extra things to do over the course of a few weeks is the common experience of many people these days. Sadly, I don’t think that’s what most of us have in mind when it comes to Christmas but it can easily turn into that if we aren’t prepared to own the season instead of having the season own us.

That’s why I am delighted by our theme at Freedom this year…..Just Christmas. Keeping it simple is always a good idea and never more so than what you and I do with Christmas. Always remember that the focus of this season is a person, not parties nor presents nor productions. I’m all for enjoying time together with family and friends in any number of ways but in so doing we need to work hard to keep things simple. It is possible to get so involved with times of celebrating that we forget why we are doing it at all. Jesus is the whole reason for our joy and he is why we do want to share that joy with others. So, the less complicated we make things the more likely we are to experience a deeper level of connection with Christ and each other this season.

This Sunday I am speaking about making room for Jesus in our lives, not only at Christmas, but every day of the year. I will explore how challenging this was for people when Jesus came to earth the first time and how it is still difficult in our day. How does the average person you know add Jesus to their already hectic lives and why would they want to anyway? And what about those of us who do profess to follow Christ? Where does he fit with all of the things we involve ourselves in including Christmas activities? Does Jesus find room in our lives easily and consistently?

As always, I look forward to getting together with you on Sunday for worship, the word and celebrating God’s blessings to us in Christ. We will also share in communion and prayer and then we will have a fun church family party in the afternoon. Good times….

In everything we do, let’s be sure we make room for Jesus.


Pastor Del