Weekly Devotional (July 10)

I popped into Pastor Del's office unexpectedly the other day and we began talking about our summer sermon series. Since I was not present at our last service, he gave me a synopsis of what he spoke on. As the Bible often states, gaining wisdom must be a priority in our lives. The great news is that it is freely given by God to whomever seeks it. Pastor Del repeated a phrase to me several times, “Go for it. - to get it, you have to go for it”.

“Just go for it.” The words rang through my head throughout the day, and we didn't even get a chance to have our usual 2 hour powwow that day. Just a few minutes. I found myself asking, “How do I go for it”? Wisdom is such an abstract concept that is difficult to lay your hands on. It's much like gaining more faith or loving more. How do I accomplish this? How do I “go after” wisdom? I believe that many of us are asking the same question, because it is difficult to imagine that, when we open ourselves up to truth, God does the work, even without our help. Sometimes it even happens despite our influence.

The truth is that we can join God in His effort to infuse wisdom into our lives. I love that God's Word is as simple and practical as it is mysterious and mind-boggling. God does not leave us without answers when we are truly seeking them. The Proverbs are full of practical ideas of attaining and practicing wisdom.

What I will be focusing on this Sunday morning will be the process of gaining wisdom through the simple act of obedience.

The old Testament is full of examples that God is interested in our obedience, even over sacrifice.  (1Samuel 15:22)

The Psalmists write songs about their love for God's statutes and commands. (Psalm 19:7 or pretty much all of Psalm 119)

The Proverbs speak, time after time, about knowing and following the Word of the Lord as a way to gain wisdom.

Although obedience to the Lord is not a new concept, it can be very difficult at times. We may question God's decisions. His ways may not be popular. Obedience may even cost us greatly. Yet as Pastor Del pointed out last Sunday, the price of wisdom is well worth our discomfort.

If obedience is a practical way to gain wisdom why is it so difficult to do?

In preparation for this Sunday's message I would like you to take a little time to reflect on these questions. The answers may seem self-explanatory at surface level, but you may find a contemplative look revealing.

  1. What is my first response to the word obedience? Negative? Positive? Why?
  2. Is obeying God easy or difficult for me when it comes to significant situations? What about small commands?
  3. What should I obey?

See you on Sunday,