Weekly Devotional (July 17)

As I’m writing this today I have just experienced the most dramatic thing that happens here at the church during the summer – the camp kids left for a field trip. The overall din of noise and motion that is absent from September-June is something we get used to during the summer months. (I won’t lie; it became much easier to adjust to once the air hockey table was banned from the lobby!) When the kids and camp staff leave for a field trip, the difference is dramatic. The only sound I hear is my fingers hitting the keyboard. Peace and quiet.

We go to great lengths to find this feeling, to get to a place where our minds are unhurried and we are able to rest and relax. For a lot of us, that’s what we’re pursuing on our summer vacations – peace. We know that by slowing down and getting away from our regular lives we have a better chance of easing our minds and relieving our stress.

The world offers us so many ways to try and find peace – everything from stress-relief strategies, to exercise, to diets, to vacations. Many world religions are built around the need to quiet ourselves and find what is within us. But here’s something that you might not have considered: peace is linked to obeying God’s commands and obtaining wisdom.

I’m excited to unpack this with you on Sunday. Take a look at these scriptures to get you started.

          Proverbs 14:12

Proverbs 3:1-2

P. Tracy