Weekly Devotional (September 18)

‘Transformed – Decidedly Different’

Last Sunday Pastor Tracy introduced this as our theme for the fall. As a follower of Jesus you have chosen to be different in a good way. You have been transformed from living your old way for yourself to living a new way for Christ. You do this willingly because the Lord has been so gracious to you by saving you from your sins and giving you eternal purpose and hope, all at his expense.

As you surrender yourself every day to Christ you are offering him your best worship. As well, you are showing the people around you what a life transformed by Jesus looks like so that they too may consider following Christ. They see you in everyday situations just like they face, but with a difference. You do so with confidence, hope and love just the way Jesus would do in your place. Think of the opportunities you and I have each day to influence the world for Christ right where we live.

I really thought about this as I entered the hospital recently and underwent surgery. I asked myself these questions that we should ask ourselves regularly:

·         What does a transformed follower of Jesus look like in this situation?

·         What difference does it make that I have chosen to be decidedly different in Christ?

·         What will others see in me that makes Jesus look good?

·         What resources do I have to draw on to enable me to go through this unexpected challenge confidently and fearlessly?

This Sunday I am going to talk about the answers I came up with and how it helped me to go through my experience full of purpose and peace. I’m going to share a few insights as well that were confirmed in me during this time that I think will be an encouragement for you whatever you’re facing right now and what may be in your future.

As you think and pray through the questions above, reread Romans 12:1,2 as a foundation for your life choice of following Jesus. Also read Jeremiah 17:7,8 and reflect on the blessings of being rooted and growing in Christ.

Have a great week….see you Sunday.

Pastor Del