Freedom Devotional (January 15)

Experiencing God in a deeper way is what many of us want for our lives. We have started out this new year with a focus on what that looks like as an overall concept and as a daily passion. It starts with an honest look at where we are in our spiritual growth and what we need to pursue to develop intimacy and communion with God. We have to learn to crave spiritual food and put in place the things that feed our souls every day.

One of the ways that you realize you are getting closer to God is when you really care about what God wants you to do. We refer to this as knowing and doing the will of God. This is the belief that God has a plan for your life and is ready, willing and able to give you directions to follow. This includes recognizing that God has created you with a unique personality and talents to put to productive use in whatever you do. There is also a feeling in us that we have been created by God to do something significant with our lives over the long term. I refer to that as our calling, doing what God has designed us for. When you live out your calling you experience God at an increased level.

All of this is connected to knowing and doing God’s will. Even when you are confident in your calling you depend on God’s direction every step that you take along the way. You will always be asking the Lord for his take on the situations that you are facing. Some will be of a larger nature than others, like the job to take or the school to attend or the person to marry. Other decisions involve what to spend your time on or what to buy or who to talk to for advice. All of these considerations have one thing in common – they all must come under the umbrella of God’s will in order to find God’s favour and blessing. 

On Sunday I will talk more about this with you. From personal experience I can tell you that there is no better place to be in the whole world than in God’s will and there is no more frustrating place to be than out of it. Read Romans 12:1,2 again and think about the lifestyle choices necessary to discern and practice the good, pleasing and perfect will of God. When you choose to live this way you will experience God deeply.


Pastor Del