Freedom Devotional (January 8)

“I'm hungry!” That's what my kids will say to me even right after having finished their entire supper. Any parent will know that what they are looking for is not more of what they've just eaten but something different. Sweeter. To satisfy a different appetite. The question is: What are they hungry for? 

In youth ministry we hear the words “hungry for God” on a regular basis. Making a connection between physical and spiritual hunger is not difficult. The metaphor is deep in layers and immediately relevant to the human experience. Anyone can relate to being hungry. It feels overwhelming and desperate. But can such a thing be true of our relationship with God?

5000 men, plus women and children, were following Jesus into the wilderness when He told His disciples to feed them. (Matthew 14:13-21) But, a little while later, we find that they may not have been following Him for the right reasons. (John 6:60-71) Certainly, Jesus fed them - twice -but when receiving “spiritual meat”, as it were, those “fair-weather disciples” went back home.

I think it is fair to ask if we are really hungry for God or if we are  just looking for a snack? Jesus makes it clear that being a true disciple is not easy and may not even be attractive . (Luke 9:57-62) We may be caught up in being hungry for the things that God gives us, the blessing of blessing. 

Pastor Tracy exhorted us last week to allow God to hear the truth. Let's ask Him for some truth in return. Let's ask him, as we prepare for this Sunday morning, what the object of our hunger really is. The depth of our experience with God hinges on our hunger for Him.