I thank my God every time I remember you...

Philippians 1:3

 I thank my God every time I remember you...

Tonight was the last week of our fall semester at the School of Music. We celebrate every year by inviting the families of our students to come and hear what we've been learning for the last ten weeks. There were a couple of dozen people crammed into the youth room of the farmhouse and I was incredibly proud of how well the students played. I think I say this every year but I'm sure this was the best year ever. And while we were encouraging and cheering for the students, my heart was full of gratitude for them, their families and the FCC but mostly, I was thinking of the teachers.

Callie and Kari have invested into more than quarter notes and the grand staff this fall. I'm sure they never saw themselves as piano teachers but here they were, leading these students into a new skill, caring about them, encouraging them and challenging them. And they did it as volunteers - for the sake of the kids, to bless their community and to give to the Kingdom. It's incredible to see.

Meanwhile, in another part of the farmhouse, there's Ruth teaching the art and science of knitting and crochet to her class. She used her skill to get involved, make connections, have conversations and build relationships while patiently... oh so patiently... she taught them how to make beautiful things. 

Not to mention the young women (Evelyn & Shay, in grades 5 & 6 respectively) who offered to assist our piano teachers. No awards, no pay, just to be helpful. And they were invaluable, giving one-on-one attention to struggling students and being an extra set of eyes and ears in the classroom.

When I think of all that was celebrated tonight - of my mom who was serving cookies and cider and cleaning up spill after spill (remind me not to serve hot chocolate next year!), of all of the families who were blessed, of all of the students who have been served by the FCC and specifically of these teachers - how can I my heart not be full?

Truly, I thank my God every time I remember Callie, Kari and Ruth. I know that there will be more classes to teach together, many more families to encounter and more songs to play but it's worth taking a moment to pause and recognize the blessing that is right here, today. I'm grateful.

Be blessed,

P. Tracy