Freedom Devotional (November 26)

We may not be looking forward to Christmas, yet. The stress of the season is a Christmas tradition that we try to forget. But the church is about to enter the season of Advent. For the next few weeks we await, with anticipation, the coming of Christ.

Not as much, however, as the Jews would have waited for the Messiah to be born. The promise of the coming Christ had been foretold for millennia - talk about waiting patiently! I would imagine that some would have been hopeful in their anticipation, while others may have lost hope all together.

I loved what Erin said last Sunday about the great faithfulness of God when He makes a promise. I get a chance to continue the conversation this Sunday morning as we begin the Advent season. We will take a look at the revered fathers of our faith and the promises God made to them; bold claims which were radically revealed as truth, the most unbelievable being the Messiah.

In preparation for this I'm not going to ask you to read scripture. Instead, I would like you to take a moment out of your day and reflect. Bring to the forefront of your mind the promise that God has made to you. Explore the hope, the excitement, the fear or the doubt that floods your mind. Address this with God one more time. Join us on Sunday as we explore God's great power.

See you then,