Freedom Devotional (February 26)

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able do things for people that changes everything for them in a substantial way?

  • To give wise counsel to navigate through a difficult situation.
  • To learn something about a person or situation that you had no way of knowing that unlocked a door of freedom for them when you told them about it.
  • To have the kind of confidence that looks at an overwhelming challenge head on and considers it an opportunity to be overcome.
  • To pray for a sick person and they become well.
  • To ask and expect God to intervene in a hopeless situation and he does.
  • To speak God’s truth so powerfully that unbelievers cry out to God in repentance and believers are strengthened in their faith.
  • To discern if someone or something is being controlled by God, self or Satan.
  • To speak in a language that you have never learned as a sign that God is present and at work.
  • To interpret a message given in a language you have never learned so that everyone understands it.

Doing these things is the potential for Spirit filled believers. These are nine manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. They are truly supernatural. They originate and reside in the Holy Spirit who lives in you as a follower of Christ. These gifts are only useful when they are released into action through the willingness and cooperation of God’s people. They can’t be earned and no one has ownership of them. They don’t make any of us more mature or more important than others by their use. They are, however, a vital part of Spirit filled life and ministry.

We need God to do supernatural things on our behalf. There are too many situations that are way beyond our natural abilities to do anything about. God has to supersede the natural course and do things that only he can do. And that’s just what he’s ready to do. He can certainly respond to our needs as individuals and families, and he does. And beyond that he makes his presence and power evident so that people will recognize his reality and will believe in the gospel of Christ. In our day, we need the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power confirming our message more than ever.

To prepare for Sunday, think some more about what I have said here. Take time to read over 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and consider the potential that there is already in our church family with these gifts in operation on a daily basis. Imagine the impact that this Spirit anointed ministry can have on all of us and on our community neighbours who need to experience God in a dynamic and persuasive way.=

I will also talk more about these spiritual gifts next Wednesday at CP1. You can bring your questions and stories then as we continue to go deeper in life in the Spirit

See you Sunday.

Pastor Del