Freedom Devotional (February 19)

I want to ask two questions today, something for you to think about as we head into Sunday.

  • Who is God to you? 
  • What attributes of His character come to mind first?

For some people, the answer is Morgan Freeman, as he is often portrayed as God or the voice of God in Hollywood. Some may give the answer that God is a friend, lover, Saviour or the big guy upstairs.

There are so many aspects to who God is that there are many correct answers. We all relate to God in different ways based on our own experiences. My answer to who God is? He is my Saviour and Father and the attributes that come to mind first are mercy and love. 

I wonder if we do ourselves a disservice by concentrating our focus on God’s attributes that make us feel good? Do we sometimes fall into the trap of pigeonholing who God really is? This Sunday I want to spend some time contemplating God’s holiness. The preparation for this message has been a reminder that when I truly understand God’s holiness and the other less ‘warm fuzzy’ attributes of God, it makes the fact that He loves me as His child all the more humbling and awesome.

The God of wrath, vengeance, and consuming fire is also the God that has chosen to put that aside, pour out our punishment on the Saviour, and love us like children. I want to experience God’s holiness because I want to be holy, set apart and blameless before Him. I want to experience His holiness and walk away changed. Because when I experience God’s holiness I cannot be the same, I can only be changed. 

This Sunday, come with anticipation because we have the opportunity to intentionally enter into God’s presence and ‘Experience God’s Holiness’. 

See you on Sunday!

Erin Jamieson