Freedom Devotional (February 5)

I have been asked the same question with different variations by many people over the years. It has to do with the struggle in us between what we want and what God wants. Perhaps you can relate to the frustration being expressed. Why is it that I am still tempted by things that I know aren’t good for me? Why can’t I seem to break free from the hold that this habit has on me? Will there ever be a time that I will think more about living God’s way than my way? These are just a few examples of how we express our awareness of how weak we are in our own resolve especially when we really do want to please God with our attitudes and actions.

My response to the question however it’s asked is the same. It’s what I have discovered for my own life and it takes into account my inability to be godly on my own and God’s readiness to enable me to be godly. Simply put, I need God to be at work in me full time. I need to be totally surrendered to Christ and allow the Holy Spirit already in me to transform my mind and heart to align with God’s ways. This of course is a process that takes time; in fact, it takes a lifetime of putting myself in the place that welcomes that change however the Lord chooses to bring it.

This is all part of what it means to experience God. This is how God shows up more deeply, how he gives us a new way to go about our daily living. The more that I focus on discerning what the Holy Spirit is teaching me and putting it into practice, the less I focus on the things that I am naturally attracted to that are bad for my health, physically and spiritually . Over time it actually becomes more natural for me to make godly choices than ungodly ones. I notice that my appetite for the desires of my sinful nature is being replaced by a much greater hunger for knowing God more. Am I still tempted by selfish desires? Of course, but now I am better able to identify them quickly and recognize the alternative that the Spirit has for me to choose instead.

I will be talking more about this on Sunday. The secret (which isn’t really a secret for anyone who wants to know) is to Keep in Step With the Holy Spirit. We will take a close look at Galatians 5:16-25 so take some time over the next few days to read and meditate on what it has to say. Notice the contrast between living according to what the Holy Spirit desires for us and what our sinful desires lead us into. How will your life be better by keeping in step with the Spirit – your personal well being, your relationships and your overall perspective?

Also, keep telling your story of God at work in your life. Thanks for those of you that have posted your God experiences on our website…it’s very encouraging. And of course, CP1 on Wednesday evenings is another great way to go even deeper in your spiritual life by interacting with other people just like you.

See you Sunday…..blessings.

Pastor Del