Freedom Devotional (February 13)

Over the past few weeks we've been talking about experiencing God. We've learned about the Holy Spirit and the potential for living our lives in step with Him.

Scripture is full of stories about people who experienced God in unique and powerful ways. Some met Him in tragedy, some in victory, some from the depths of sin, some in the sustaining power of the gospel. So I've been asking myself: What does it take to become one of those people? Can I really meet God like Elisha or Paul or Moses or John? How could I ever come close to that?

In Forgotten God, Francis Chan says, "James 5:17 - 'Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently.' Do you genuinely believe that Moses, Esther, David, and Daniel had no advantage over you spiritually? In fact, some would argue that you have the advantage of both the risen Christ and the indwelling Spirit."

When you put it like that, I feel challenged. With these advantages, what else do I need?

 I'm going to be speaking from Judges on Sunday. I love the stories we find in these chapters. Take a read through:

  • Judges 3 - Ehud
  • Judges 4 & 5 - Deborah & Jael
  • Judges 6 & 7 - Gideon

... Start to think about what qualified these people to have experiences with God.

I'm looking forward to digging into this with you on Sunday.

P. Tracy