Freedom Devotional (June 18)

‘I get to do this….’

How many times in a day or a week do you say that? It’s so much better than thinking or saying ‘I have to do this because it has to get done’ or ‘I have been told to do this so I have no choice’, isn’t it? When you really enjoy what you’re doing time seems to fly by, not in the sense of being wasted, but more like feeling fulfilled because you’re doing things that are beneficial and constructive with your lif

Most of my days are like that. Oh sure, there are moments that I feel like I’m not on top of my game for some reason or that I’m doing things that aren’t that much fun and aren’t accomplishing much that’s meaningful. But overall I have to say that more often than not, I find myself thanking God for my life and what I get to do with it. The other day, as I was walking through our church neighbourhood praying for the homes and people I passed, I was overwhelmed with the reality of living the good life, not in terms of material things, but by being blessed consistently with the favour of God.

I get to use the gifts God has given me to help build up people and expand God’s kingdom. I get to serve with people who are just as passionate about making their lives count for Christ as I am. I get to make deposits of faith into the people that I connect with and watch them develop their own faith and spiritual maturity. I get to wake up every morning with a sense of purpose that what I do does matter in the big scheme of things. I get to write devotionals like this to encourage you mid way through the week to keep pursuing Christ through studying God’s word and praying daily and to prepare yourself for Sunday, ready to worship and hear God’s word with your Freedom family.

So think about what you get to do every day for Christ. Take the time to thank God for your gifts, talents, resources and opportunities to serve. Think beyond your job or school or present vocation inside or outside of your home. Consider that you are right where you are to spread faith, hope and love to a world that desperately needs it. Not because you’re supposed to or have to but because you get to. Think about it that way and it will transform your day.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. I will be having a conversation with Matt Capson, one of our men of Freedom. You will really enjoy hearing his story about coming to faith in Christ and how that has changed the way he experiences life with God today. Come prepared to worship with the attitude ‘I get to do this’….you will be amazed at the difference that will make.

Have a great day….see you Sunday

Pastor Del