Freedom Devotional (June 11)

What does a godly man or woman look like? How do they become godly? What connection is there between trusting God and developing godly character?

One person can make a huge difference in the world. The ripple effect is happening through our lives day after day. Those closest to us are affected by us the most and even people who seem to be beyond our reach are touched in ways as well. I’m not sure that any of us truly grasp how important the way we live our lives is. Every day we have opportunities to influence others and over time see that influence leaves it mark.

In essence, the godly person has restructured his or her life around Jesus and learns to live like he would in their place. Obviously this is a big challenge that isn’t easy even though it is not complicated. It requires making the choice to spend every day following Christ and putting his teachings into practice. It’s hard work like anything worthwhile is. Here’s how 1Timothy 4:7b.8 puts it: “train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

The point is that when you willingly put in the time and effort to train yourself to be godly, you will experience God deeply while you live on this earth as you grow in your awareness and hope of the magnificent life you will have after you die. Who knows how many people will be impacted by God because you choose to grow in godliness?

This Sunday I am going to speak about Joseph, someone who chose at an early age to become a man of God. To prepare, I encourage you to read his story in Genesis 37-50 over the next few days and get acquainted with the challenges he faced and how he stayed faithful to God through every one of them. Joseph constantly distinguished himself in each situation as one on whom the favour of God was seen, and he was a blessing to those around him as he committed himself to honouring God always.

I’m sure that Joseph was aware of what you and I can go through as Christians living in a morally and spiritually messed up world. It requires resolve, courage and stamina to find and maintain the balance of living in the world but not being converted by the world. And it’s not just one big decision that you will make to become godly. It will sometimes be hundreds of decisions in any given day when you say yes to Jesus and no to anything else. Seriously, our world desperately needs godly people to leave a clear mark for Christ everywhere. I want to be one of those people – how about you?

As always I look forward to meeting with you Sunday for worship and the word. Let’s all come expecting the Holy Spirit to make a deep impression on us so that we will continue our pursuit of godliness with his supernatural help.


Pastor Del