Freedom Devotional (August 20)

I have a confession to make. I love little jars of baby food. Not the meat or vegetables, that's just gross, but the fruit – amazing! When my kids refused to eat the other food I would threaten to eat the fruit myself.  I am ashamed. We had one kid who revolted once we started introducing chunks into his food. The whining, the crying, the convulsions - the work of chewing was not something he was okay with

On Sunday, we will talk about a very familiar portion of scripture. Jesus met with a Pharisee named Nicodemus and began to share the deeper things of the Kingdom of God. I'm not sure Jesus was actually surprised at his lack of understanding. As most people, Nicodemus was caught being satisfied with spiritual milk and baby food. However, Jesus gave him something to really sink his teeth into

How many times have we spit out God's word because of the texture? How many times have we whined because we didn't receive the easy stuff to digest? God wants more for us. He wants us to go deeper. He isn't satisfied turning you into a better version of yourself. He wants to turn you into something new - a bride (sorry, guys)

Have a quick read of Revelation 19:7-9. It's the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Most of us are looking forward to the feast we will enjoy with Christ at the heavenly banquet. If the table is only set with the food we’ve learned to digest here on earth, will it satisfy our longing?

See you on Sunday,