Freedom Devotional (September 2)

Wow….summer is almost over. The kids will be going back to school next week and some will be going for the first time. I thank God for his protection during these busy months of travel and vacations and pray for it to continue each day as the regular routines kick into gear. I trust that you were able to enjoy many memorable moments with your family over the past couple of months and now feel refreshed.

The Labour Day weekend is just days away and signals for me a transition time that occurs each year. Finishing off one season and entering into the next is all part of the natural flow of life. I think the change is actually more pronounced at this time of year than it is on the first day of January. September is a great time to gear up and start into what will transpire over the following twelve months. This is the case for us a families and it is also the way our church family functions.

Fittingly, we will conclude our summer series of messages from the book of John this Sunday. Encountering Jesus has been well worth the effort for the speaking team. We have been doubly blessed by our time of preparation and preaching. There has been excellent participation by you, both in reading and preparing yourself through the devotional and in listening to and receiving the word thoughtfully each week. Well done.

I will be speaking from John 12:1-11 on Sunday about being passionate about Jesus. As you read over the passage, think about how the different people in the story expressed their love to Jesus, or didn’t. In this instance, Mary gets the most attention but don’t overlook how other people expressed their love for the Lord in others ways than she did. Also consider why someone would not be generous to Jesus and what that reveals about his faith and actual commitment.

We will be sharing in Communion during our service as well. Come ready to honour Christ for his sacrifice and gift of salvation to you. And don’t forget about the pancake breakfast before the service….it’s always a hit and it’s free.

The following Sunday we will be launching into our fall season with a new series from the book of Nehemiah called Experiencing God at Work. If you want to get a head start you can begin reading through Nehemiah to get a sense of the big picture of what’s going on and how God worked through a group of people dedicated to accomplishing something special that seemed impossible.

Enjoy the rest of your week…..blessings.

Pastor Del