Freedom Devotional (September 9)

Experiencing God at Work….that’s our focus this fall.

God is constantly at work all around us. Sometimes we recognize it and other times we don’t. When we do we are presented with an opportunity to get involved with him and be part of some pretty amazing things. God works in and through any one of us that is ready and willing to be used for his kingdom purposes.

Often we are already aware of situations that need God’s intervention but feel incapable of doing much about them. Our world is full of challenges that appear impossible to overcome. That can also be the case for us as individuals. We know that something needs fixing but we don’t know how or what to do about it.

Over the next months we will be looking at the book of Nehemiah on Sunday mornings to learn about experiencing God at work. I encourage you to start reading through Nehemiah and taking note of the enormous challenges that Nehemiah and the Jews in Jerusalem faced and how these were overcome in an astounding way. There are so many great lessons to learn from Nehemiah’s example of getting involved with what matters to God with fervency, perseverance and anticipation.

God has already been working in special ways in our lives. The Holy Spirit has been transforming us daily to be more like Jesus and we are now ready to be used by God to expand his kingdom all around us. I sense that we are in for significant advances in the lives of our children, youth, men and women this fall beyond anything we have yet known. I hope that you are feeling this as well and are ready to make yourself available to join God in the things that he wants to do for his glory.

What do you think God is capable of doing through a group of people like us who are open to experiencing him in a deeper way than we ever have? I think that this is the time of God’s favour for those who make knowing, loving and serving him their greatest desire. I am asking God to show us what he wants us to do and to provide everything we need to do it. Remember, nothing is impossible for God.

As always, I look forward to seeing you this Sunday for worship and the word. Come prepared to give the Lord your best.


Pastor Del