Revelation... A Mystery Revealed (Freedom Devotional - January 21)

Revelation Graphic Square

I have been really looking forward to doing this series on Revelation with you. So many of you of all ages have already expressed to me your interest in this fascinating subject. There are lots of questions about what's happening in our world these days and where it's all heading. This then is an ideal time to see what God has told us about these things already.

To prepare for the series starting this Sunday I encourage you to read the first chapter of Revelation over the next few days. It's good to realize that the whole book is actually a letter written by the apostle John to Christians in seven real churches of that day to remind them of what Jesus has already done, what he is presently doing and what he is going to do. Those things still apply to us today. Take note of how John knew what to write and where he was at the time.

You will quickly realize that the central figure of Revelation is Jesus Christ. It's helpful to read the whole book keeping that in mind. There are lots of mind boggling events and characters described throughout the letter as the end draws near. Figuring out what they all mean makes for interesting discussion. Just keep in mind that above everything, Jesus is coming and we need to be ready to meet him.

I will have a handout for you that depicts a biblical timeline of events. I think you will find this useful for keeping things in perspective as you work your way through the letter. If you were at church January 3 then you heard my introduction for this series. If you weren't at church that day, it would be beneficial for you to listen to the message online as a preview for this study. 

Remember as well that every Wednesday evening at CP1 you will have an opportunity to discuss with others the teaching of the previous Sunday sermon. I'm sure that you will enjoy this weekly opportunity to unpack Revelation together.

Blessings.....see you Sunday.

Pastor Del