Pentecostal - A Heritage to Pass On

This Sunday, to wrap up all that we've been talking about since this series started in September, we're going to look at the heritage we have to pass on. This heritage is for the next generation and beyond, but it's also for us to live out and pass on to everyone that our lives come in contact with.

In the opening verses of 1 Thessalonians we get a glimpse into the reputation and influence of the Thessalonian church. Even though they were a young church and very unpopular in the their city, the church had already become well known for their endurance and faithfulness. (1 Thessalonians 1:2-10) Even though it cost them dearly, they didn't hide their belief in Jesus. 

We can learn a lot from their example. We're going to take some time together and consider our own influence and legacy. What are we known for as a church? As a family? As an individual? Let's dig into it and encourage one another as we get together on Sunday morning.

See you then,
Pastor Tracy