Pentecostal - Grace For Maturing

It would be pretty naive to look in the mirror and think we have it all together. I'm sure that none of us would. On the contrary, some days we can be overwhelmed with how much we see the need for change in our lives.
The world is full of solutions to this problem. Reports say that the self-help industry is worth $10 billion a year in the US alone. There is no end to the systems that we can create to try and fix the problems in our lives, emotions, relationships, work, family, health... and on and on it goes. 

Our key text this Sunday is Galatians 5:16-26. It's most famous for verses 22 and 23, the list of all of those things that we know that we should be more like and have more of - the fruit of the Spirit. Paul's letter to the church in Galatia was written around A.D. 50 but it could have been written to the church in Kitchener in A.D. 2016. The same battle for change is happening in our hearts and minds today.

This passage is full of great news. Scripture doesn't give us another self-help strategy to apply our will power to. Instead it give us Someone to surrender this struggle to. I'm looking forward to exploring the grace we are given for maturing with you on Sunday.
 See you then,
Pastor Tracy