Pentecostal - Faith For Healing

One of the things that Pentecostal people have been known for is our belief that God is still healing people. God does that in different ways, sometimes instantly and at other times progressively. We believe that every healing of any type is a gift from God. As such, we ask God for his miraculous intervention and we thank him for his generosity.

So, we regularly pray for people to be healed. It takes faith to do that, believing that God has the power to heal and that he invites us to ask for him for healing. We do that every Sunday as we gather together for worship. We do that in our CP1 groups every Wednesday evening and at Deep Roots each month. Our children do that in their weekly classes and programs. Our intercessory prayer team does that daily. Our men’s group, women’s group and youth group pray for God’s divine involvement through healing. We do this in our homes and in our personal times of meeting with God.

That is a lot of prayer. We do this all by faith in God with confidence in the authority of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Healing is one of the multitude of things we ask God to do that only he can do.

I hope that you are participating with our church family in praying each day for God to do huge things that showcase his unlimited power and glory. If you are, then you are realizing how much you are learning about God, about yourself and about the potential of kingdom impact that transforms people and situations through people of faith like you.

This Sunday I am going to speak to you about the spiritual dynamics at work related to healing. I will answer some of the questions that people have. Why isn’t everyone healed who is prayed for? How does God heal? Where do health professionals fit with our belief in divine healing? Why does God heal anyone? How long does a healing last? Why do people suffer? How is the Holy Spirit involved in the process of praying and receiving? How can we build our faith for healing?

As is our custom, following our celebration of Communion after the message, we will give opportunity for people to come forward to receive prayer for healing. To prepare for our service, read James 5:13-16. I see at least ten things in these Scriptures that contribute to the building of a healthy spiritual environment conducive to prayer for healing – do you?

See you Sunday……

Pastor Del