There's a reason... "Mine to His" (Freedom Devotional - March 3)

he book of Revelation really is a revelation of Jesus. We see Him in ways that are unique to that writing and are given glimpses of His power and glory that are heart stopping. As you learn more and more about Him, do you ever pause and think about what it means that Jesus in Revelation is the same Jesus in the Gospels, dying on the cross for our sins? 

It's no wonder that John's visions so often included descriptions of worship. It seems that heaven understands the magnitude of Jesus, the Lamb who was slain, beating death and becoming victorious forever. And that should be the Easter season for us, too. We are going to intentionally make the connection between the cross and eternal victory as we go through our Easter series. We want to become even more aware of how amazing Christ's sacrifice was and how it completely revolutionized our future. Revelation is a glimpse of that - so are our everyday lives in Christ.

So there is a reason. There is a reason for our hope, there is a reason to celebrate this season and there is a reason to be excited about tomorrow. 

I'm going to start our new series off with the first message about transformation... Mine to His. We're going to talk about names, we're going to talk about chords and we're going to be reminded that we were bought with a price. (1 Cor. 16:9)

As our teams are busy working behind the scenes to get a beautiful Easter Sunday service ready for you, I'm looking forward to getting to know Jesus even more this season.



P. Tracy


PS: Our "There's A Reason" series was inspired by a fantastic song. Want to hear it before Easter Sunday? Here's a YouTube video for you!