Revelation - Heaven Is For Real

I trust that you have enjoyed our study of Revelation over these weeks. This Sunday we will conclude the series by looking at where we will spend eternity as followers of Jesus. We often refer to our final destination as heaven, the place where God presently dwells and rules over the universe. Lots of familiar songs have been written about going to heaven and what it might be like. I have conducted many funerals over the years and each time talked about the hope of heaven being realized by those who die in Christ.

The reality is that where you and I are going to spend eternity is probably much more than any of us has conceived or dreamed of. The last two chapters of Revelation describe our final abode as the new heaven and new earth coming down from God’s presence. It will actually be a holy city called the new Jerusalem and it will be big enough to contain all of the people throughout the ages who have believed and obeyed God.

Read Revelation 21 & 22 over the next few days and become familiar with what Jesus does tell us this forever dwelling place will be like. It will be a brand new creation, not just a refurbishing of the world we now live in. It is described as being spectacular in every detail, like a glowing bride dressed for her husband on her wedding day. The materials used to construct the holy city are priceless and the dimensions and layout of the new Jerusalem are beyond impressive. It’s difficult for us to visualize what this all looks like but John writes down for us what he is shown in the vision given to him.

There are so many blessings for us to enjoy when we get there. One aspect of our new living will be that we no longer have to endure the hardships, pains and struggles that are so common now for us dealing with the consequences of a sinful world. We will be completely fulfilled in every way being in God’s presence and not even remember the hardships experienced during our earthly life. I’ll point out a number of things that show the contrast between what we now know and what we will know for eternity.

In the conclusion of Revelation, Jesus gets to the point when he tells us three times that he is coming soon, warning us to be ready. The Holy Spirit and the church of the ages follow that up with a clear invitation for everyone to come to Jesus in order to overcome. And that’s what you and I need to do with what we now know as revealed to us in Revelation. We must daily keep ourselves ready to meet Jesus any moment in order to go with him to spend eternity in his presence. We also must pray for and reach out to as many people as we can who don’t follow Jesus and tell them the good news of the gospel so that they might receive God’s gift of eternal life in Christ for themselves.

What a hope we have as we live out each day knowing that one day soon we will be with Jesus forever. I look forward to meeting with you Sunday to celebrate once again God’s blessing upon us now and for eternity.

Have an amazing day.

Pastor Del