Hidden Treasures (Freedom Devotional June 30)

We are starting our summer series this Sunday. We’ve called it ‘Hidden Treasures’ because we are going to speak on passages of Scripture that you may not have read or noticed before. The books of the OT prophets are full of amazing truths about God that can easily be overlooked because they can seem hard to understand at first glance.

So our speaking team is going take a look of some Scriptures from the major and minor prophets that you find at the end of the OT. We will attempt to give you the context in which they were written and show the timeless relevance of God speaking that valuable message to us today. Our hope is that each week you will discover a real treasure that you may not have read and understood before.

This Sunday I will begin with a brief introduction to the prophets and their writings. I will take a close look at Isaiah 30:15-18 which talks about the importance of taking the time to listen to what God says to you and then doing it. Read these verses over the next few days and let them soak into your spirit as preparation to hear the message.

I know that a lot of our church family will be away this holiday weekend. If you do go away I encourage you to stay current with the series each week by reading the Scripture and then listening to the message on line afterwards. The sermons are generally uploaded by Monday afternoon. What a great way to keep connected during the times that you are away over the summer.

For those of you who will be here on Sunday, I look forward to another great time of worship and fellowship with you. We will be participating in communion and offer prayer for those with special needs.

Have a marvelous day and remainder of the week.

Pastor Del