Hidden Treasures (Freedom Devotional July 7)

This week’s ‘Hidden Treasure’ is taken from the prophet Hosea. The story of Hosea is interesting, confusing and troubling. However, the whole concept is an amazing lesson for us in restoration, repentance and unending love. Times of judgment and punishment are written about, but always with the call to repentance and assurance of unending love.

Hosea’s story is about his gracious love for his wife, but it is also the story of God’s love for us. We may sometimes choose the way of disobedience that leads inevitably toward suffering and exile. God may use the pain of our suffering to awaken us and lead us back to him. Because of God’s unfailing love, we can be restored and enjoy an intimate relationship with him.

Read the book of Hosea over the next few days and come prepared to hear what hidden treasure God has for you from this passage.

See you on Sunday,