Hidden Treasures: Haggai... Serve the Lord First

Me first!  No, you went first last time!  You are always first, I'm always last!

Sound familiar to any of you that are parents or spend time with young kids?  This is the constant sound in my house when asked to do something or come get something.  It's absolutely maddening and as we are only in the second week of summer vacation, I can only imagine the frustration levels for parents and care givers will increase as the summer goes on and the race to be first continues.

It can be so absolutely frustrating listening to people fight over who is first, or who's need is the most important and I think, how does God do it? How does He listen to our prayers all day long, with each of us desperately declaring our needs as the most important?

This week we will be looking at the book of Haggai, a small book but with a really great theme of who or what is first in our lives. Have you thought about that lately? Who is first?What things are the most important to you, that you prioritize over everything else? We are going to look at how things worked out for Judah when they put their needs above everything else.  **Spoiler alert** It didn't work out very well.

Spend some time this week asking God to help you sort out your priorities so that He is first and foremost in every area of your life. I promise it will be worth it!

See you Sunday,