The Evidence (it's you)

As I was studying for my message this Sunday, one of the commentaries made a pointed statement that has stuck with me for the past few weeks. The scene that Isaiah 43 sets up has a courtroom feeling and questions are being asked to give evidence of the faithfulness of God. And God's response to the questions is the point that has stuck with me. While many things point to who God is, when it comes to our testimony giving evidence for God isn't something we have to do, it's something that we are. Our very lives, being transformed, are evidence for Jesus. That's amazing and sobering. 

I invite you to consider your day today and what evidence your life gives for the transforming power of Christ. It's a great question to ask today, tomorrow and always. How does His faithfulness and grace show up in your ordinary moments? 

I'd also encourage you to read Isaiah 43 this week and meditate on it as we continue with our series. Focus on the promise of His presence in our lives. It's amazing!

See you on Sunday,
Pastor Tracy


This Sunday...

Sacred Word: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

As we continue to walk step by step through Isaiah 43, we find even more incredible promises. We are His. We are safe with Him. We ourselves are the evidence of God's faithfulness. I'm looking forward to walking through these assurances with you on Sunday morning. - P. Tracy

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