The Lion & The Lamb: The Lion of Judah

The Lion and the Lamb – Easter Series

We begin our Easter series on Sunday. This year, we are going to take a bit of a different approach to the Easter story. We will focus on a couple of titles that have been given to Jesus that are full of symbolism and historical precedent. We will then tie these in to what we are hopefully familiar with regarding the cross, resurrection, ascension and second coming.

The inspiration for this year’s theme is the song that is linked above. Take a few moments and watch and listen to the words of The Lion and the Lamb. It is a song of anticipation for the day that Jesus is going to come to earth for the final time to set up his eternal kingdom. And, while we wait for that day, we who follow Jesus today experience Christ’s authority and power in our lives,

The Lion of Judah is one of Jesus’ titles. Why has it been given to him, what is its history and significance, and how does this affect our present and future lives?

I’d like you to read a couple of Scripture passages over the next few days to prepare to hear my message. Take a bit of extra time and look at the context in which they are written by reading the verses that come before and after. Try to grasp how these two passages, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, are connected to and in Jesus Christ.

Revelation 5:5 & Genesis 49:8-12

Here’s a heads-up for how the Easter series will unfold:

  • April 2 – The Lion of Judah (scriptures listed above)
  • April 9 – The Lamb of God (Revelation 6:6-14)
  • April 14 – Break Every Chain (Romans 8:1-4) – Good Friday
  • April 16 – Every Knee Will Bow (Philippians 2:8-11) – Easter Sunday

I hope this isn’t too much information for you all at once. Don’t get stressed out if it feels like it. Get prepared for this Sunday’s message first and then, if you have time, start taking a look of what’s coming after. I pray that this will be your best Easter ever.

Have an amazing rest of the week…see you Sunday.

Pastor Del